Our Philosophy & Values

At Just Gourmet Foods, we are more than just an artisanal Italian food importer and distributor; we are custodians of culture and advocates of exquisite taste. Our reason for being revolves around a passion for preserving Italy's culinary heritage and sharing the importance of authentic Italian food. 

We have 8 pillars at the heart of our business which bring us our meaning and guide our decisions:   

2. Quality over quantity

We prioritise quality over mass production. Each product undergoes rigorous selection, adhering to time-honoured recipes and crafted with natural, locally-sourced ingredients to present you with the finest flavours Italy has to offer. 

4. Curating culinary adventures

With every product, we aim to transport you on a gastronomic journey through Italy's rich tapestry of tastes and textures, history and cultures. Discover the forgotten gems and the familiar classics, each carrying the story of a region and its people. 

6. Exceeding expectations

Our commitment to exceptional customer service means ensuring that we maintain human connection in our business exchanges and understanding our customers’ needs. We believe in honesty and working hard to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. More importantly, we strive to ensure that issues don’t arise in the first place! 

8. Elevating the everyday

We believe that every meal is an opportunity to create memories with friends, family or on our own, in a moment of calm with a simple bowl of the best buttery pasta. Food can help us to transcend a difficult day, brings people together and allows us to celebrate the very essence of being human.

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