Our Team

With Gianfranco Perri still very much at the head of the table, Just Gourmet Foods is now a team of seven Italian food aficionados, all with different stories as to what brought them to the extended family.  Meet them below, and hear about their current favourite Just Gourmet Food product:

Gianfranco Perri


The visionary of the business, Gianfranco is everywhere at once, ensuring that customers and suppliers are looked after, and everything is where it needs to be.  Always calm in the face of the challenges of a complex distribution and importation operation, he is also the curator of the product range and continuously seeking the perfect products to add to the portfolio.  For him to choose his favourite product would be like asking to name a favourite child: simply impossible.  But we know he loves each of the products for their unique stories and qualities and, if you can keep him still for a minute, he will happily talk about them for as long as you have.

Egle Kecha


Egle joined Just Gourmet Foods right at the start, in 2018, but has worked in food finance roles for the best part of 20 years.   Although managing the numbers is at the core of her role, she is a multi-tasker and an invaluable member of the leadership team.  Like the rest of us, she is a total food lover and, beyond crunching the numbers,  she can be found baking delicious treats to nibble and has a particular skill for creating mouthwatering pizzas. 

Shaun Frost


Our Warehouse Manager, Shaun, joined Just Gourmet Foods in 2021 but has been working with the distribution of Italian products for over 15 years.  From warehouse moves to navigating the complexities of importation, he is at the heart of the business and ensures our customer orders are dispatched with speed and accuracy.  His current favourite products are the Bristot Cannoli and Arogostine - and we can’t blame him.

Giuseppina Sapia


Giuseppina, known as Jo to our customers, joined the business in 2022.  Her Italian heritage and her love of food and history means that she is hugely knowledgeable about our suppliers and knows their stories inside out.  While being amazingly efficient, with impeccable customer service, she is a fount of information and always happy to share with a customer who wants to understand more.  Her love of good food means she is systematically eating her way through the brochure and is a perfect person to give recommendation.

Deborah Parietti


Deb joined us in May 2023, coming from a long career in e-commerce and online marketing between Sydney, Singapore and London.  Through previously running her own online food business, she has a wealth of knowledge about Italian suppliers, their processes and products.  She is passionate about helping customers to appreciate the quality of our product range and ensuring that our suppliers’ uniqueness is understood.  Her thoughtful eye is cast over all areas of the business, making sure that Just Gourmet Foods communicates clearly on all levels.  Deb loves coffee and amaretti while she works.

Martina Ercolini


Martina has worked in the food industry since 2013 with roles in sales and business development and, most recently, as a buying specialist in Global Sourcing for ALDI.  She is now focused on customer acquisition and building relationships with existing customers to ensure they are getting maximum value out of the business.  Originally from near Venice, she loves to bake (especially bread) and her product of the moment is the Officina Nobili Bonta’ Baci di Dama.  Make sure you ask her about them when you get her on the phone.

Aylie Cooke


Since joining, part time, in Autumn 2022, Aylie has supported Gianfranco in a variety of key commercial projects.  With a background in food buying and retail operations, she brings a unique perspective to the business and enjoys the pace and variety which Just Gourmet Foods offers.  From contract negotiations to key account management she works, quietly, in the background and, with 25 years in the food business, knows a good product when she sees one.  She is spoilt for choice at Just Gourmet Foods and loves experimenting with Italian ingredients while cooking for friends and family.

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