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We specialise in working with companies who create authentic, artisanal, Italian products.

The brands we bring to you have developed out of a love for the rich variety of foods available in Italy and a desire to share some of its food expertise. Like our producers, we have honed our skills to become experts in our field, specialising in importation and distribution and ensuring that we have an efficient business focused on servicing a wide range of customer needs. We know you will find us to be a good partner, working to support your business while always focusing on quality of delivery.

We are immensely proud of what we do and of our family of brands, produced in Italy for the demanding Italian market, and brought to the UK, with respect, from our family to yours.

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Just Gourmet Foods is a team of seven Italian food aficionados, all with different stories as to what brought them to the extended family.  Meet them here, and hear about their current favourite Just Gourmet Food product.

What we do

At Just Gourmet Foods, we are more than just an artisanal Italian food importer and distributor; we are custodians of culture and advocates of exquisite taste. Our reason for being revolves around a passion for preserving Italy's culinary heritage and sharing the importance of authentic Italian food.

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