Bio Orto

Grand Cru Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar Ogliarola 500ml

Product Code: 1bio010

Unit size: 500g

Units per case: 6

The Bio Orto Grand Cru extra virgin olive oil line is a testament to the deep connection with the land and the specific olive cultivars, the Ogliarola, that define it.

A limited series that showcases the excellence of ancient olive groves, the Ogliarola olives used in this line are carefully harvested at the early stage of their maturation process and cold pressed within 2-4 hours. This meticulous process ensures a superior quality extra virgin olive oil. The result is an exquisite oil with a distinct aroma characterised by herbaceous undertones and delicate notes of fresh almond, artichoke, and tomato.

The well-balanced profile of this oil, with its harmonious blend of bitterness, spiciness, and fruitiness, combined with its low acidity level, makes it a perfect accompaniment for delicate dishes. It pairs exceptionally well with fish tartare, shellfish, and baked fish, enhancing their flavors. Additionally, it lends itself beautifully to salads and vegetable-based dishes, adding a touch of sophistication to these preparations.

Organically grown, picked and cold pressed in Apulia, Italy.

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