Il Borgo del Balsamico

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia DOP Orange Label (12 years) 100ml

Product Code: 1bdb001

Unit size: 100g

Units per case: 3

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia is a rare product. You won't find it main stream or at your local deli. There are only around 20 producers in the Reggio Emilia area allowed to produce this unique condiment, and the rules to be awarded the different labels are very strict: only the best in appearance, taste and aroma will make the cut.

The major and most obvious difference of the three products is the aging process: for the Orange label is more than 12 years, the Silver more than 15 and the Gold more than 25. Yes, 25. They are all a blend, and they go through different wooden casks: oak, juniper, cherry, chestnut, acacia and ash.

Affinato Orange Label Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, the youngest in the range. See it as the rebel teenager, edgy, and slightly acidic. With its pungent taste, the Orange Label is ideal to add flavour to marinades and fresh greens.

Affinato Silver Label Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, is the best of both worlds. Often considered a gold that didn't quite make it, the Silver Label offers a smoother and richer bouquet, suited particularly with pasta dishes and Parmesan cheese from Reggio Emilia.

Extravecchio Gold Label Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, the hero. The aroma and the rounded bouquet come from years passed in the casks, each one offering an unmistakable texture and flavour. There is no particular element that you will be able to pinpoint. The Gold Label is an explosion, equally exquisite on sweet and sour recipes. The most interesting use though is having a teaspoon, at the end of your meal.

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Il Borgo del Balsamico has our heart and soul. We had the pleasure to visit their incredible "acetaia" nearby Reggio Emilia a couple of times and were always amazed by the love and care they put in everything they do. To make their delicious balsamic vinegars and condiments, they only use own locally grown grapes and then start the ageing process that will take years before the product is considered perfect enough to reach the shelves. Some of the barrels are over 100 years old and they come with a story too. The video on the homepage is also a testament of our deep connection to Cristina and Silvia. We are incredibly happy to say that this product is a 100% Gold Beetle Certified™.

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