Casa Vecchio Mulino

Biovette with Sea Salt 150g

Product Code: 4vec011

Unit size: 150g

Units per case: 10

Casa Vecchio Mulino Biovette are small, square-shaped breads that offer a delightful combination of crispness, flavour, and fragrance. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand and allowed to rise for several hours at room temperature. The traditional manufacturing process, along with the use of top-quality natural ingredients such as the finest extra virgin olive oil, results in a product that captures the aroma and taste of freshly baked bread.

Biovette can be enjoyed as they are, offering a simple yet satisfying snack. Alternatively, they make an excellent substitute for traditional bread, particularly when paired with appetisers, allowing you to savour the flavours and enhance your dining experience.

A little note:

The name "Biovette" is derived from the Italian word "Biova," which refers to a traditional loaf of bread from the Piedmont region. These loaves were known for their unique characteristics of being airy and hollow on the inside, while offering a satisfying crunch on the outside. The Biovette, inspired by this tradition, captures the essence of these qualities, providing a delightful combination of lightness, crunchiness, and a delicate taste.

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